For Filming Do You Need To Be At A Particular







For Filming Do You Need To Be At A Particular

From there you can get suggestions of people to follow and click on certain topics to see ongoing rooms, people, or clubs relate to them. Explore Page of Clubhouse You can also use this tab’s search feature to look for specific users or clubs, which we’ll discuss in the next step. 6. Join Clubs. Clubs are groups of users intereste in the same specific topics, similar to the Facebook or LinkeIn Groups feature. Once you join a club, you can see notifications of Rooms hoste by it. You can also use clubs to find or connect with Clubhouse users that have similar interests.

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To find clubs you can either sift through the Explore tab or tap its search bar, select clubs and search a topic, as I did with “Growth Marketing” below: Club search page on clubhouse You can join a club by going to its profile page and Pakistan Phone Number List tapping “Follow.” After doing this, you’ll be notifie whenever its admins launch a room. Following a Club on Clubhouse No longer intereste in a club you joine? To leave it, just go to the club page and tap the “Following” button. This will unfollow you and the button will switch back to just saying “Follow.” 7. Start a Club. Once you’ve hoste three discussions or rooms on.

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Clubhouse you can start applying for clubs. To do this, you’ll go to your profile and tap the gear in the top right corner to get to your settings. From the settings USA CFO page, you’ll click to Clubhouse’s FAQ page, or this Clubhouse Knowlege Center link, where you’ll find club rules and application instructions, as well as a Club application link. Once Clubhouse approves the Club, you’ll see an app notification and get the ability to eit the club profile and launch rooms on behalf of the Club. One important thing to note is that the Clubhouse team manually approves club applications. Because of the popularity of Clubs, the company is only allowing one club per user right now.

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