Artistic manifestations as therapy. People with disabilities and the elderly included by art.







Artistic manifestations as therapy. People with disabilities and the elderly included by art.

Whether in traditional or more modern versions. Art has always been present in human productions. Among the multiple roles. It can assume the therapeutic and socialization function. For these reasons. Artistic production has been studied and used as a resource to recover. Re-signify and socialize people. In the capital. Some groups use art therapy as an, inclusive tool when, developing their work. This is the case of the pes project . Which since 2011 has researched the execution of expressive movement for and by people with disabilities. Through dance-theater techniques. The project was conceived in, 2009 by the director rafael tursi. “it is known that. In general. Art has an important role in the process of training people. Passing through technical. Ethical. Aesthetic. Sensitive and sensory issues.

Civilizing and socializing notions

With people with disabilities Real Phone Number List it is no different. In fact. I would say that. Many times. It potentiates these issues. Thus. It is possible to observe. For example. How the technical rehearsal of the construction of a choreographic scene helps the development. Both of the individual’s cognitive process. In the exhaustive repetition of the scene where he seeks, his autonomy. And in the psychomotor development. Which is discovered. At the same time that he conceived the project. Rafael received the news that a close friend, had suffered an accident that left her with tetraparesis. When all four members, experience abnormal weakness. While following the treatment. He began to reflect on possible exercises in theater and dance with a focus on body reeducation for people with disabilities .

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The project is open to the community and

Classes are carried USA CFO through body dynamics and the experimentation of play-pedagogical objects (rope. Balloon. Handkerchief and modeling clay. Among others) and always followed by, punctual evaluations. By the executing team. At each evaluation. The necessary adjustments are made. “from art education there is the possibility of error. That, is. There the individual is not “coffee with milk”. There is no “everything is ok”. Because he has a disability. Ee will be stimulated to. From his body. Perform the scene, or activity to be done. We deal directly with the concept of adaptation. In which adapting does not mean making something easy because the individual is incapable.

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