Architectural accessibility. Barrier-free and autonomous use locations and environments.







Architectural accessibility. Barrier-free and autonomous use locations and environments.

Architectural accessibility. When talking about accessibility. The architectural question is the first thing that comes to people’s minds. Before talking about it. I want to make it clear that architectural accessibility is indeed very important. But it is not the only point to work on when you want to achieve true accessibility and inclusion. I usually advise that the pillars of accessibility are architectural accessibility. Assistive technology. Inclusive care and information without barriers. But architectural accessibility is very important. Especially for people with physical disabilities. In brazil. The legislation usually indicates as a reference. The nbr 9050 standard on accessibility to buildings. Furniture. Spaces and urban equipment of abnt (brazilian association of technical standards). It is a good guideline document.

Where the person doesn’t want to ask for help

Especially for those just starting to Albania Phone Number List learn about architectural accessibility. However. For those who have more experience and start to study the subject in depth. They realize that the standard has flaws. And therefore it needs to be constantly updated. Failures do not necessarily mean errors. But sometimes. There is no better idea or resource to solve a certain problem. But as time passes. New ideas and equipment emerge. And then solutions can be perfected. In addition. New needs arise. As people with disabilities become more active in society. And in their daily lives. They begin to perceive new difficulties that need a solution. This is how. For example.

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The norm included the object holders next to the washbasin

As some people use procedural and hygiene materials. And depending on the model of the bathroom sink. There was USA CFO no space to support them. Concerned with safety. The emergency alarm was included in the bathrooms. So that in case the person with a disability has an accident. They can call for help. Unconsciously. The two examples i cited in the previous paragraph were bathroom related. This is because i consider the bathroom to be the most important place to pay attention to accessibility . Not that the other places are unimportant. They all are important. But the bathroom is a very intimate space.

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