Application recognizes and describes works. More knowledge and accessibility in the palm of your hand.







Application recognizes and describes works. More knowledge and accessibility in the palm of your hand.

The smartify organization aims to enrich visits to museums and art centers by applying image recognition and augmented reality technologies. This combination allows visitors to access additional information and multimedia about the work in front of them anytime and, anywhere. Directly on their cell phone screen. Augmented reality consists of enhancing reality by adding digital information in real time that becomes, visible through a screen (such as a cell phone. The most common way) or by projecting the information onto real objects. Augmented reality bears a certain similarity to virtual reality . But is characterized by integrating the virtual experience with the physical space around the viewer.

The software determines which of these known images

To do this in a functional (and Mobile Phone Number List also minimally believable ) way. The cell phone has to be able to recognize where it is physically and ideally also understand what the cell phone camera is, capturing at any given moment. In the case of the technology developed by the smartify organization. It is a real-time. High-speed image processing system that, recognizes the work of art (picture. Sculpture or object) towards which the viewer is directing the camera cell. Once the work is detected. The system provides, the user with related information. Including reviews and comments. History. Videos and author biographical data. How smartify works is similar to the well-known music recognition application shazam.

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They compare a sample of the image taken by

The shazam app (available for cell phones) returns the title and author of almost any song instantly: the USA CFO app just needs to listen for a few seconds to recognize which piece of music it is. Smartify also takes a sample of the work in question and sends it to servers that process, the image and decide what object or painting it is. Shazam usually works despite ambient noise or the audio sample being of poor quality. Likewise. An image recognition system has to be sophisticated enough to detect what is in the image, captured with the phone regardless of the quality of the camera. The angle, of the photo or the lighting of ,the object. This is possible because. In general. Image recognition systems do not compare, a photograph of the sample with another that is the same or very similar. In fact.

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