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Involved Will You Need Any Props

This means you should be sure about the club you apply for as it might be the only one you’ll manage in the future. 8. Drop into a room. When you see a room, or audio chatroom, you want to join (or “drop-in” on), all you have to do is tap it to start listening. Upon entering a room, you’ll be automatically mute as a listener. You’ll also see the room speakers and moderators at the top of the screen. The unlabele area of the room screen that highlights the speakers is referre to as “the stage” by moderators. A room on Clubhouse Below the “stage,” you’ll see attendees the speakers follow under the “Followe by speaker.

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Heading and a list of general attendees under “Others in the room.” All attendees who are not on the stage are mute and cannot speak unless they’re brought to the stage. A room on Clubhouse showing attendee list. If you see a party Philippines Phone Number List popper emoji (or on someone’s image, it means they’re new to Clubhouse. 9. Request to speak. Want to speak? Press the hand icon in the lower right to be adde to a speaker request list. Lower navigation of clubhouse club When you raise your hand, the moderator will be notifie of your request to speak and can either unmute or ignore you.

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If a moderator unmutes you, which will move your name and icon up to the speaker stage, ask your question or stay on topic with any points you add. You should also USA CFO avoid hogging the mic, let others have time to speak, and follow any room rules that have been given by the moderator(s). This will help you stay marke as a speaker as long as possible. As you enter rooms and raise your hand, keep in mind that hundres of other users might also be requesting to speak. If you’re ignore, don’t be offende as a moderator can only allow so many people to the stage before losing control of the conversation. 10. Add friends to a room.

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