And That’s Because These Are Things We Use Every Day as Part of Optimization







And That’s Because These Are Things We Use Every Day as Part of Optimization

This black box worth it for Google? Maybe. But is being obtuse and lacking in transparency really beneficial to anyone in the long run? It seems there are better ways to handle this than just asking everyone to create “awesome” sites and read the webmaster guidelines. We are professionals who try to help Google as much as we ask them to help us. It’s a partnership, not an adversarial relationship. No one is asking for trade secrets – just confirming that

Google made a change and generally

What it changed. It’s like feeling really sick, going to the doctor, and he’s like, “Well, you’ve got a Fred.” You ask the doctor, “What can I do for a case of ‘Fred?'” He looks at you and says, “Easy! Just be Macedonia Phone Number awesome! And then he walks out the door. Well , you think, at least I have WebMD. In the meantime, here are some ideas on how you can work with Fred and Google’s black box. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily.

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Targeting the “People Also Ask” SERP Feature and Snippet Posted: 2020-11-18 Targeting snippets and people who also request SERP features Search engines have a particular business model: they exist to quickly direct you elsewhere. This is in direct contrast to your typical web business or social platform, where they do everything they can to keep you engaged and on that platform. This couldn’t escape the attention of the good folks at Google.

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And now many questions are answered directly on the search engine. This keeps you on the page a bit longer and (I imagine) increases the likelihood that you’ll do another search or – shock, horror! – even clicking on a search ad. You’ve probably seen this a million times, but the following searches should all provide some form of answer right in the search results. “What is my IP?” “Calculator” “What is the square root of 196?” “Bowler Hat SEO Phone Number” For these types of queries, it is no longer necessary to actually visit a third-party website, even when they refer directly to a business, as in the phone query example. seo bowler hat phone number We now get answers directly in

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