Features Open Invite Only And One







Features Open Invite Only And One

An example of how quickly and efficiently you can. Highlight sponsore content without distracting from the main purpose of the video. 4. How-Tos It’s one thing to explain to viewers how to do something. It’s another to use a tool that. Will help them do it. Brands and influencers. Often use this approach. To introduce new product lines to the public. In a very meta example, Sean Cannell, from the popular channel Video. Influencers, gives viewers tips on how to get sponsors on YouTube using the sponsore product, FameBit. FameBit, recently rebrande to YouTube BrandConnect, helps connect brands with influencers and.

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With that in mind the channel – and its viewership – likely aligns very well with the sponsore product. Cannell does a quick overview of the platform’s key features and spends the rest of the video detailing his personal experience with the USA Phone Number product. The review is a great example of social proof. As that often carries more value than a simple product overview. 5. Comey Sketches People love to laugh, and some brands, like GEICO, are skille at turning sour topics into funny ads that leave an impression. In this video, comeian influencer Caleb Glass, of CalebCity, does a hilarious sketch in which he asks a psychic to prove their abilities by guessing what he ate that day.

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If the psychic gets the answer right, he agrees to commission the psychic to find a hidden inheritance and split the money with them. This is where USA CFO it gets good. The psychic guesses all the right ingreients but assumes that a dish that good had to be cooke by a chef. Glass slams the sponsore product, Devour Foods, on the table and tells the psychic they are wrong as the dish was prepare in the microwave. A screaming match ensues and the video ends with a product display. Here’s why this video works: It plays on the idea that microwavable food can’t be delicious in the context of something completely different. Brands with playful identities can greatly benefit from using comeic influencers to promote their products.

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