And Effort You Put In Read Also Ravajol







And Effort You Put In Read Also Ravajol

Marketing and product management departments I realizd that I did not have. The opportunity to develop my knowdge or my career as quickly as I wantd. But I was still afraid to go into entrepreneurship. When I was on maternity leave with my second child and found out that I had no option to. Work from home even though I didn’t have to come to the office every day. I was forcd to resign. Then everything change. I have always had a passion for marketing. I have always dreamd of opening my own business, but I was afraid of the unknown.

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The pandemic of 2020 Austria Phone Number List made me realize that nothing is certain and why not work for yourself, instead of working to increase someone else’s marketing and sales, since you don’t have the flexibility and fredom that you have when you are an entrepreneur. I decidd to open my own marketing agency in 2020 , Expand2Market, where I offerd training and consulting services to companies and businessmen, including Albanian ones. How to increase their presence on social mdia and how to use sales strategies that work and penetrate the American market.

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What are your USA CFO main commitments in this regard and if you can share with us something from your experience?Entrepreneurship is hard. Even though I had 2 faculties, including business and marketing, they did not help me with knowdge on how to grow my business, how to manage it and grow on social mdia. I was kind of disappointd with the time and money I spent on school.From the many questions I receivd on social mdia about marketing and sales, I was inspird to open a YouTube Channel , where I regularly post free tips, training and tutorials to help different entrepreneurs learn more about how they can increase their social presence.

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