Amberley’s turn. Wheelchair users find strength in their passion for horses.







Amberley’s turn. Wheelchair users find strength in their passion for horses.

Even after suffering a terrible car accident that leaves her paraplegic. Young amberley snyder (spencer locke) doesn’t give up on her biggest dream: to become the greatest rodeo champion in the country. Despite already being the current champion. She strives to continue as the number 1 and returns to training ready to overcome any obstacle. Since she was little. Amberley snyder has shown a lot of agility in riding horses . So she, has always trained to be one of the best in the region. Close to winning the title. She ends up having a truck accident. When the vehicle rolls over. The young, woman loses the movement of her legs. Making her a paraplegic. Dissatisfied with the whole situation.

She ends up believing that she will never

Consequently distancing Exit Phone Number List herself from the dreamed title. But in giving himself a second chance. Amberley ends up finding reasons not to give up. Inspired by the incredible life of amberley, snyder. In ride ride rodeo: amberley’s turn we follow the inspiring youth of the woman. The film is directed by conor ally and is originally being distributed by netflix . In which the actresses spender locke and missi pyle are the highlights. Dealing with problems is not always as easy as we imagine. So in andar montar rodeo: a virada de amberley we follow a real story about overcoming. Where the cliché, manages to hold us until the end. Mainly because it is no longer a fiction about accidents, and overcoming. In the film market. A girl sitting on a horse. Runs through the fenced area of a stud farm. He has blond hair.

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Jeans and the horse has dark brown fur

In the background there USA CFO is a mountain with bushes. The feature film talks all the time with the audience about overcoming. The biography of amberley snyder can be a push for many people who, are close to giving up on their dreams. Even unable to perform various activities. She manages to find ways to be greater than her challenges. On the other, hand. The film raises questions about not crossing your limits in a shallow way. Showing on a real basis how not respecting your limit can be harmful. Despite amberley snyder (spencer locke) being the protagonist. Missi pyle (jumanji: welcome to the jungle) playing, her mother ends up stealing the, show. The way the actress conveys her maternal concerns is sentimental and touching.

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