Alt Text: discover how to optimize your images for SEO







Alt Text: discover how to optimize your images for SEO

If you have a blog, you know that creating a post is a somewhat complicated job. We have many things to think about when conceiving the text: keywords, formatting, optimization for SEO, etc.

After many hours of investment in enriching this incredible content , we finally published the article on the internet and… we forgot to pay attention to the SEO of the images.

Alt Text, captions, URLs. Those terms are ignored when selecting and optimizing your images.

Here you will learn:

What is AltText
The use of keywords in images
Other aspects of an image that contribute to SEO
Why it is important to optimize your images
How to use Alt text to optimize your images

To start with: what is Alt Text?

If you work with blogs and internet marketing, you must know the concept of keywords. Keywords are the terms that define your text and what the user will play with in Google to find your content.

A text that teaches how to tame unicorns will have as keywords: “how to tame a unicorn”, or even “tame”, “unicorn” or other variations.

This concept is not strange for those who write for the Internet, but it should not only be taken into account in the texts.

Images also have keywords
Ask yourself: How does Google manage to find a specific image? It’s hard for your algorithm to work with something visual, so it needs an image description .

That’s where Alt Text, or Alternative Text, comes in. Without UK Phone Number a good use of Alt Text when using images in your articles and publications, Google will not be able to find your image when users perform a search and therefore, you lose the opportunity to present your work to users. .

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It is important to understand the difference between Alt Text and the image title. The title of the image is the name and Alt text is its description .

Do you want an example?

UK Phone Number

Imagine a photo you took when you were walking around Rio de Janeiro.

The photo is composed of the white sand of the beach, the waves in the corner and the Christ the Redeemer in the background. The name of the image can be something like: “DSC98761” or even “Holidays in Rio”, but its Alt Text would be something like “Rio de Janeiro Beach with Christ the Redeemer in the background”.

So, summing up:
Alt text is a description of the visual elements of the image, which search engines cannot identify, so that the image is better positioned in searches.

What other aspects contribute to the SEO of an article?
The Alt Text is one of the aspects of an image that contributes to the SEO of your article , but there are other elements of the photo that will dialogue with Google and help your text appear for more users.


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