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How would you start your life story?I would start it like this: “I started my life differently than most of me”. If by the time I finished the 8-year education, no student continued school, I did. I could not pursue higher education due to family political reasons, but at least I received secondary education. Life has been a separate school for me. All the challenges of motherhood showed me that life itself is a school and as such you must know how to accept it and work for it. Now that I look back I say: “I have done all this”?! Have you always had the intention of doing business with folk clothing?No, I don’t have it.

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In fact, the way Honduras Phone Number List I started it made me understand that it was simply harassment out of passion. I was sorry to see the traditional clothes damaged and tried in many ways to fix them as much as I could. Then, it all took shape and turned into a business when people trusted me and started bringing folk clothes for me to work on. I have always felt sorry for the tradition and its abandonment. Therefore, I see myself as having thrown a drop of water to revive the tradition.

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Do you think USA CFO young people are equally enthusiastic about protecting the tradition? I can share my experience. I have trained many girls, who have learned how to handle a folk dress. Every outfit needs treatment, because it’s a back story. We may have had various problems, but always transitory. We have always found a common language, to protect the tradition. They are travelers on our journey in this business. Tradition. Al, what sets you apart from other businesses in this sector?We are distinguished by the way we treat the customer.

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