Alexa accessibility award. Skills designed for people with disabilities.







Alexa accessibility award. Skills designed for people with disabilities.

Technology is increasingly present in people’s lives. And people with specific needs. Including people with, disabilities. Reduced mobility. Among others. Have had more and more visibility in society. So as a consequence. Technology increasingly thinks about benefiting this audience. Despite realizing the need for a more accessible and inclusive world. This subject is still not well known. And the search for solutions is still timid. Fortunately. Companies are ,slowly realizing the need to offer accessible products and services. Benefiting a large portion of the public who may be their consumers. What is alexa? Alexa, is the name of amazon’s virtual assistant. Introduced in 2014 along with the echo. Its first smart speaker. Unlike what apple . Google and microsoft did until then. With siri. Google assistant and cortana. Alexa was born with a focus, on serving the user in everyday tasks.

Especially if they are shopping at the store

Like its competitors. Alexa Nigeria Phone Number List is a, conversational assistant. Able to understand context to some extent and perform simple tasks such as setting alarms. Reporting the traffic situation or the weather forecast. Running a playlist or playing podcasts. But because it is not tied to an operating system. Alexa is compatible with android . Windows 10 (interaction with, the iphone is more limited. But it does exist). As well as being able to connect to a wide range of third-party devices. How does alexa work? Basically. A wake word is needed to wake up the assistant and then ask for the command. This wake word, can be set to “alexa”. “amazon” or “echo”. Thus. The microphones are always attentive to hear if the user is going to execute a command. Then. As with other virtual assistants.

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When the wake word is said

Just proceed with the request. Example: “alexa. Set an alarm for tomorrow at 3 pm.” these requests are USA CFO recorded and sent, to amazon’s servers. Where the request is processed and then returned to the user. Everything happens quickly. What are skills? A skill is basically an app developed for the alexa platform. Similar to mobile apps. Which makes alexa, smarter and smarter. Skills available for alexa range from a simple quiz game for children to home automation such as lighting. Air conditioning. Audio devices. Among others. Skills are called by a defined name when installed on the device – just as alexa is activated by “alexa” voice commands –. Requiring only an internet connection to perform. Under the hood. Amazon’s servers perform the complicated tasks and return a run response to alexa.

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