Albania’s Chef Ambassador To The World







Albania’s Chef Ambassador To The World

Small family business in Fier, where she sold clothes. Often helped him, both in sales and in customer service. I didn’t complain too much about why I wasn’t playing and I was working in that business. I knew that mom and dad were working hard to give us a better future. Could see how stressed she was and I never dreamed of entrepreneurship at first. My goal was to finish school and get a job. I was finishing my Master’s degree at the. Faculty of Philology in Tirana for “Intercultural Tourism and Communication.

And Has Been Rated As One Of The

English branch, when Armenia Phone Number List I fell in love with an American, who is now my husband. And everything in my life changed. That I never wanted to be away from my family and even less on another continent. When he proposed, even though I said YES, I was very scared because I didn’t know anyone in the US, and I didn’t know how marrying a foreigner would go. Every plan I had for life went to waste and I had to start over. When I arrived in the USA, after many difficulties with immigration, visa and long-distance connection, since he lived in.

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Gastronomy As A Culinary Ambassador For

America  I USA CFO realized that my degree from Albania would not be recognized and I immediately started the School of Business Marketing at the University of Connecticut. During my time at the University, I worked as a waitress, as a volunteer at a startup as a Social Media Manager. I finished a paid internship as a Social Media Manager and was the Marketing Coordinator in 2 University organizations, where one of the organizations was Albanian. When I graduated, I had 3 job offers at the top companies I applied to because they looked at experience, not average. After having experience in the Corporation in sales.

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