Affordable tractor wins national award. Adapted model was the winner of the rei award.







Affordable tractor wins national award. Adapted model was the winner of the rei award.

New holland agriculture’s initiative to create conditions to improve accessibility in the field and increase the quality of life for farmers was publicly recognized in september with the achievement of the tenth edition of the rei award. The concept tractor adapted for people with reduced mobility . Accessible model tl5.80. Was the big winner in the agricultural, and construction machinery category. The national award recognizes the most important initiatives,from the point of view of excellence and innovation in the, automotive industry and in the mobility sector. The choice was made by the public. Through online voting. Cnh industrial. Owner of the new holland brand.

Also won in the sustainability and social and environmental

With the volunteer project that Jiangxi Phone Number List enabled the human development of young people in situations of social, vulnerability. The accessible tractor concept adapted for people with reduced mobility is the first agricultural tractor project in the world made by an automaker. The model provides equal working conditions to everyone in the field. Offering comfort. Safety and performance. Promoting inclusion, and access for all audiences is one, of new holland’s concerns. Whose positioning goes beyond the manufacture of machines. The brand understands that the farmer has specific needs and. Therefore. Always seeks to offer the ideal solution. Banner with blue background and white letters.

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Adapted to facilitate operations and to be completely

Trophy photo and elevitta and USA CFO new holland logos. “we believe it is possible to take brand and product accessibility to a new level. We are keeping an eye on this and willing to develop, solutions that help in the work in the field. Whether for a person with reduc mobility or some other special ne”. Says cláudio calaça júnior. Product marketing director for new holland agriculture for south america. The tractor develop in, partnership with elevittá (a company with know-how in accessibility) is equipp with a lifting platform and, a joystick. With which the operator controls the movements, necessary to carry out his own embarkation/disembarkation. Having access to the control.

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