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Additionally some qualifie Facebook pages will be able to add a Donate button to their live videos on mobile. 4. Host a weekly roundtable. Take time to talk about topics your audience cares about with a weekly roundtable. Some of the most popular roundtables on Facebook now include Re Table Talk, STEVE on Watch, and more. During a roundtable livestream the participants could field audience questions, give perspective on industry news, or entertain the audience. Of course, a live roundtable style will take more set-up than others. But, like a TV show, it can become content your audience tunes in for weekly. 5. Take them behind the scenes with a tour or process-style workshop.

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Give your audience an exclusive look at what happens behind-the-scenes of your product. Your audience will have a deeper connection to a product or service if they know the process. Think about what you can share that would be interesting or Cambodia Phone Number List compelling for your audience to know. This tactic is especially great for brands who pride themselves on transparency. For instance, take a look at this Dunkin’ Behind-the-Scenes Live video, in which you’ll see a “First store of the future concept”: The Live video gives viewers the opportunity to deepen their connection to the brand, particularly since the video isn’t especially “polishe”, instead showcasing a more authentic side to Dunkin.

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Hang out live in a Facebook Group. There are over 10M+ groups on Facebook, with 1.4B people using them every month. Consider going live in a group for an exclusive chat with your community. Groups are often smaller and more niche USA CFO than company pages, so it’s likely the audience is more investe in a topic. Consider keeping this style of live video very casual. For instance, you could set a discussion topic each week for the audience to ask questions around. Or, ask your group want they want to talk about and program around their interests. 7. Do an AMA with a company expert. Access to experts in-person is difficult — even before physical distancing. Host an AMA and give your audience access to your businesses’ most knowlegeable employees.

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