Adapted roller cart. Adapting leisure to the happiness of playing with everyone.







Adapted roller cart. Adapting leisure to the happiness of playing with everyone.

Adapted roller cart. This toy. Well known in the past. Still has the power to conquer new generations. It is simple and low-cost entertainment. So it can reach all social classes. And now thinking about accessibility. We can call it an inclusive initiative. I met the adapted roller car by chance. When i was in the waiting space for the shark tank show recordings . I participated presenting the proposal of turismo adaptado as an inclusive travel agency. And mulek de rua presenting the rolimã carts as a proposal for leisure and events. I was shown the structure of the adapted rolimã cart in detail. But i wanted to test it in practice. So when an event was organized. On one of the slopes of the mooca neighborhood in são paulo. We agreed to participate.

Because the seat is made of hard fiber

And even having an anatomical shape. Sitting for a long time could cause an injury. . Better known as eschar. The lack of a softer seat Belarus Phone Number List is not exactly a mistake. As depending on the person. It will not be necessary. But to serve a larger number of people. This can be of great importance. It is also worth describing the structure of the equipment on the website. And even advising the participant to bring their own pillow. As i only did that because i already knew the equipment. But for those who are going for the first time. Who knows. They may have to give up the experience because of the lack of a softer seat. Transferring the wheelchair to the rolimã stroller is not an easy task. But the event team is there to help. In the traditional rolimã carts.

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The direction of the equipment is done with the feet

A bar located in the front. And to brake. The feet are used dragging them on the ground to create friction. To adapt the USA CFO equipment for those who do not have control of their legs. A kind of steering wheel was installed. So the direction is given through the hands. And to brake. There are two levers. One on each side. Which pulled with the hands. Will drag on the ground. Creating friction to slow down. You just need to be careful when braking. Because as the levers are independent. If you activate only one of them. The rolimã cart can make a curve or even make the so-called wooden horse. To operate both levers. You need to take your hands off the steering wheel. And this can cause insecurity for some people.

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