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We will be able to meet a wide range of requirements in telecommunications as well as IT. It is expected that in the coming years Albania will also switch to the 5G generation of mobile communications. What are the most fundamental changes. That 5G technology can bring to operators and users of mobile services.  Technology will become a reality in Albania soon and our 5G investments will drive. A whole range of services and products that will be available thanks to this generation. We are convinced that our 5G products.

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Will enable and stimulate Belgium Phone Number List the private and. Public sectors to move towards next generation services. The new merged company, owning the strongest fixed network. As a legacy from ALBtelecom, will be the strongest advantage in the market that will differentiate us. With a strong track record in the IT field stemming from our parent company, 4iG, we will soon be able to offer services that support digitalization in Albania and introduce services that have not been available before, for a wide range of subscribers.4iG Group’s experience mainly includes information technology services.

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Do you believe that USA CFO entering the electronic communications market will serve the Group to expand its business in Albania, in other ICT-related services?Our objective to become a leading player of the ICT sector in Albania is in line with the global megatrend of combining telco services with IT. 4iG Group realizing this combination will bring tremendous competitive advantages to our business subscribers, compared to other companies, and will have more effective performance, higher protection and better operational security. It is a natural trend and an added value that the merged telecom company will also offer ICT products that come as connectivity extensions. The experience and success of 4iG will be an asset for the market and.

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