According to news reports , when a man surnamed Hong served







According to news reports , when a man surnamed Hong served

According to news reports , when a man surnamed Hong served as a cleaning team member of the Taipei City Government, he privately contracted the waste removal business of two communities in New Taipei City. He also used cleaning bags for official use during the operation, and smuggled them back to the team at night.  Generally speaking, what we think of is the crime of embezzlement in Article 335 of the Criminal Law.


The so-called “embezzlement” refers to an act of “easy possession

That is, appropriating something thatof the “Corruption Offences Ordinance”, “who steals or embezzles public or public equipment  Portugal Phone Number and property”, the minimum sentence is 10 years or more in prison. . Article 4 Whoever commits any of the following acts shall be sentenced to life imprisonment. Or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years. NT$100 million: 1. Those who steal or embezzle public or public equipment or property. In fact, it is not only “embezzlement of public property” that can violate the  This also means that whether a civil servant is embezzling public property or private property, in fact, there are corresponding provisions in the Corruption Offences

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In fact, the court did not impose such a long sentence, because according

To Article 12 of the Corruption Offences Regulations. The total value of the property (948 cleaning bags for official use) obtained by Hong Nan did not exceed 50,000 yuan. Which met the conditions for commutation of the sentence. In addition, he confessed his crime during the investigation and voluntarily returned the proceeds of crime. In addition, the court commuted his sentence according to Article 59 of the Criminal. Law to meet the principle of equivalence of the crime and punishment.

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