Accessible walkways for pedestrians. Facilitating and shortening paths.







Accessible walkways for pedestrians. Facilitating and shortening paths.

Accessible footbridges for pedestrians are resources that aim to facilitate a path. Often shortening the route. There are walkways that are at the same level as the floor. Practically as a continuity of the floor itself without suffering any interference. But there are also those bridges or walkways that have a level above the floor. So steps or ramps are placed at their ends. It is easy to see that a walkway that is only accessible by steps is not accessible. There are larger walkways. Which are higher. For example. To cross a street or avenue. Which in addition to stairs. Also have ramps or elevators. When it’s a public walkway. Unfortunately. Elevators are often poorly maintained and depredated. So i don’t advise them to be installed. Giving preference to ramps. As the first option.

Some people should not be harmed by the wrong

As it serves everyone.Of course. On Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List a high walkway. The length of the ramp will be quite long. But even so. The chance of finding it available is higher. The video i show below is from a walkway located in parque lina and paulo raia . It has a small length. And is more decorative than a locomotion purpose. I believe that it was made with an arched format. As they thought that this format would be visually more beautiful. Because if you think about pedestrian convenience. It could be at the same level as the floor. Practically flat or with a much smoother arch. I’ve been through situations where pedestrian crossing was by footbridge without accessibility. And the nearest accessible point was very distant and difficult to reach.

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As it also prevents wheelchair access

One example was the footbridge in front of congonhas airport. Inaccessible because it only has stairs . Once. I landed at this airport and USA CFO wanted to have lunch at a restaurant in another location. Which was on the other side of the avenue. And that’s when i discovered that there was no way to cross with accessibility. And the only way would be to take a taxi . It’s not absurd ? But luckily. After a long time. The walkway was renovated and now has elevators. Another difficulty that i have gone through was finding a footbridge. Made to cross the street. And with access via ramps. It would be great. If it weren’t for the small posts placed at the beginning of the ramps. In order to prevent bikers from using the footbridge to cross. After all it is made for pedestrians. This initiative actually prevents access for bikers.

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