Accessible van for transporting disabled passengers in a wheelchair.







Accessible van for transporting disabled passengers in a wheelchair.

Any car can be adapted to be driven by a person with a disability. But not all cars are sold with the benefit of tax exemption. For cars for those who provide transport services. Such as taxis. There are people like me who do not need any adaptations. As long as the car is not high. I can do the transfer myself and then just disassemble the wheelchair and store it in the trunk. But for some people. An adapted car is much less laborious and more comfortable. To be transported without having to leave the wheelchair. And for this audience there are adapted transport vehicles. Once. When i went to a fair for products and services aimed at the public with disabilities. Called ability expo in new york . I noticed that the adaptations for passengers. For the most part. Were made through ramps in medium or large vehicles. . Similar to what they do in europe. It was then that i realized that in brazil.

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We have few car models of this Netherlands Phone Number List type. Which are known as station wagons. Wagons. Vans or minivans. Large automakers such as toyota. Mercedes. Hyundai. Kia. Among others. Already manufacture this type of car abroad. But there is no manufacture in brazil. And the sale of imported cars ends up being expensive and bureaucratic. A few models are still able to receive adaptations for passengers. The first vehicle adapted for taxi was the fiat doblô. Usually with a lift platform. But it is no longer manufactured. Now the chevrolet spin. Adapted with a ramp. Is the most used car for this service. There are larger vehicles. Such as vans. Which fit an average of 14 people in the seats. And depending on the adaptation. Up to 4 wheelchairs. And generally use platforms for access.

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As is the case of the atende service USA CFO of the são paulo city hall. But there are private transport companies that use this same type of equipment. Peugeot has launched a new vehicle. Which is the expert model . Smaller than conventional vans and more spacious than the largest passenger car. Offering capacity for up to 11 people seated in the seats. Another advantage is that to drive this car. You don’t need a higher category on your driver’s license. So those who have category “b” can also drive it. Now azul mob also already has this car adapted to transport passengers in wheelchairs. The adaptation lowered the internal floor. And installed a manually operated ramp system.

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