Accessible tube station from curitiba. Successful example of accessibility in urban buses.







Accessible tube station from curitiba. Successful example of accessibility in urban buses.

Accessible tube station from curitiba. Accessible transport is one of the fundamental points for the inclusion chain to work. It is difficult to have accessible places like museums. Schools. Restaurants. If you don’t have an accessible transport alternative to get there. In this article i will talk about the bus. But there are other types of transport such as train. Subway . Boat. Plane and road buses that i have already mentioned in my blog. I myself have already lost a job opportunity. Due to the lack of accessible transport. And then the company did not accept me. Despite having a great profile for the position at the time. When i wanted to take my first trip alone. The issue of affordable transportation was one of the main items in the decision. After a lot of research. I saw that curitiba was the best option.

Because in addition to general accessibility.

It had a differentiated urban bus Denmark Mobile Number List system. Structured in bus lanes with elevated tube-shaped stations. The city of curitiba was chosen by me to make my first trip alone as a wheelchair user . I took advantage of the time i played table tennis. And went to participate in a championship in curitiba. I went with my club’s team. But after the championship. The team came back and i stayed to visit the city. Staying at a friend’s house. Who was also in a wheelchair. This was in 2002. And at the time the city of curitiba was a reference in accessibility in brazil. Fate is still good. But i think it stopped a little in time. And lost the reference post for são paulo. At that time. And still today in many places. Accessibility in urban buses was made by vehicular lifting platforms. A system that when retracted was a ladder. But when activated it turned into a small elevator.

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And needed to be activated by the driver or collector. Who had to stop the bus and get off to do the operation. In USA CFO the case of curitiba. Accessibility is at the tube station. There is an employee who controls the entrance. And activates a lifting platform when necessary. As the station is elevated. So when the bus arrives. You are already up to it. So just wait for the doors to open and get on. There is a small distance between the bus and the station. But when the bus stops. Next to the tube station. The doors of the bus and tube stations open. And a bus ramp is also automatically lowered to make the connection. It’s like that at all doors. There’s no special door for people with disabilities to enter. So it’s an inclusive structure. Another advantage of the curitiba tube station is when it is raining or even cold and windy. As this structure serves as a protection.

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