Accessible tourism in partnership. Mtur and mmfdh together for tourists with disabilities.







Accessible tourism in partnership. Mtur and mmfdh together for tourists with disabilities.

The ministries of tourism (mtur) and of women. Family and human rights (mmfdh) establish a partnership to promote access for people with disabilities or reduced mobility to the main tourist destinations in the country . The cooperation agreement between the folders was signed this, morning on 12/03/2020 and provides for a series of actions to ensure that tourism is accessible to everyone. The objective of the initiative is social inclusion. As it allows people with disabilities or reduced mobility to have security and, autonomy to access tourist attractions. Services and enterprises. Almost 46 million, people in brazil have at least one type of disability. Whether visual. Auditory. Motor or mental/intellectual.

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This number represented 24% of Jiangsu Phone Number List the population. Now. A working group. With members of the two ministries. Will prepare an action plan that foresees its own initiatives and institutional, support to promote urban accessibility and the adaptation of tourist activities. Within the scope of the accessible tourism program. Among the planned actions is the mapping of, accessibility in tourism and tourist infrastructure of the main brazilian destinations. In addition to awareness-raising activities and dissemination of guidelines on accessibility in the most diverse sectors of tourist activity. Ricardo shimosakai worked, as a consultant in the mapping of tourist offers in the city of paulo. Visiting event and leisure establishments . Shopping establishments . Museums . Parks and zoos .

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The ministry of tourism also provides the accessible tourism

Lodging establishments USA CFO and food establishments . “today is a historic day because we have established that tourism should be accessible to everyone. With safety and autonomy. Including the millions, of brazilians who have a disability in the country”. Highlighted the minister of tourism. Marcelo álvaro antônio. In conjunction with the federal university of alagoas (ufal). The ministry of tourism launched. In september this year. The tatu (assistive technology in tourism) application. Application . The tool, is already in use. As a pilot project. In the state of alagoas and allows tourists with, visual and hearing impairments to get to know local tourist attractions with the help of audio description and libras (brazilian sign language).

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