Accessible tourism with plural paths. Check out the special travel box brazil series.







Accessible tourism with plural paths. Check out the special travel box brazil series.

Accessible tourism with plural paths. People with disabilities exist in droves. But the offer of accessible and inclusive tourism is still little practic and known. To bring the broad panorama of accessible and inclusive tourism. Showing practical experiences and talking to experienc travelers with disabilities and qualifi professionals in the field. Travel box brazil launch a special series on the subject. Caminhos plurais is a series that explores accessible tourism in different countries. The series records testimonies of people with and without disabilities. Actions that are being taken in each country and also the limitations that society imposes on people who ne accessibility resources. Museums. Monuments.

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Therefore, Consideration is ne to incorporate accessibility and inclusion in the creation of tourism proposals. Not initiatives to Bolivia Phone Number List implement accessibility features after the project has already been complet. When you think of accessibility as a fundamental item. Which is part of the design of the project. A lot of money and work will be sav. Because inevitably. Sooner or later. You will have to make your tourist proposal accessible. I usually say that accessibility is no longer a choice. But an obligation. And that the only choice that the company or person can make is whether to do it now. Or to postpone the initiative. But at the same time pay more. Create more trouble.

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Providing accessibility to tourists is opening

Therefore, Who can make a big difference to your business. Do the right thing. And consider including my consultancy in your existing project or business . As only specializ professionals can see very important details. Calling a professional. Who is not very familiar with the specific area. Is something like calling a vet to operate on USA CFO a part of your body. After all he is also a doctor… but not for humans. The caminhos plurais series will be shown first on the travel box brazil channel.
Therefore, With accessibility features such as audio description (ad). Brazilian sign language (libras) and subtitles for the deaf and deafen (lse).

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