Accessible tourism and the pandemic. New procedures for people with specific needs.







Accessible tourism and the pandemic. New procedures for people with specific needs.

A law was created making the use of masks mandatory throughout the country. But this will be waived in the case of people with autistic spectrum disorder . With intellectual disabilities. With sensory disabilities, or any other disabilities that prevent them from properly using a face protection mask. According to a medical declaration. Which can be obtained by digital means. As well as in the case of children under 3 (three) years of age. “masks are usually opaque. And do not allow visualization of the mouth. This is very, bad for the deaf. As many use lip-reading. I’ve seen initiatives to produce, masks with a transparent, opening. But this still gets in the way a little beyond fogging, with heat and saliva.

Such as pushing a wheelchair or someone to guide

So it may not be possible to Find Your Phone Number List comply with distancing regulations. “in my case. I am a visually impaired person. The employee who took me through the airport asked if i wanted to be guided by taking his arm, or walking beside him. On the way out. I chose to walk next to the employee. Without touching her. Of course it becomes a little more difficult. But she knew how to guide me using her voice. Communicating obstacles and observing my movement. On the way back. I chose to hold the employee. And i noticed that she, was all the time with gel alcohol next to her. In other words. Doing the necessary cleaning.” (mylena rodrigues). Mylena rodrigues walks through guarulhos airport.

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Accompanied by two women who are providing assistance

Mylena holds the USA CFO arm of one of them to be led. Even with hygiene. Contact exists. And this can be a facilitator for contamination. Because in times of social distance it is a risk to have contact with, other people. Especially if we take into account the fact that employees receive many people during the course of your working hours. The first experience with the employee guided by voice can be a great option. But the travel time can be, longer and the training of employees, to be able to do this must be different from the training they already receive. After all. This is a new possibility. It is the, creation of new habits and concepts. For boarding. Airlines made distancing appointments. “as my boarding is a priority. I didn’t wait long.

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