Accessible The secrets and inclusive tourism. The secrets to a barrier-free journey.







Accessible The secrets and inclusive tourism. The secrets to a barrier-free journey.

This text was written for the blog hospitalidade brasil . Maintained by equipotel . The biggest event in the hotel market in brazil. To get an idea of the accessibility. Inclusion and tourism landscape. Let’s look at some numbers. According to the ibge. There are 45 million people with disabilities in brazil. And according to the who there are 1 billion worldwide. Also according, to the ibge. There are more than 28 million elderly people in brazil. On average. People with disabilities travel with at least 2 people. And accessibility, is one of the main items that tourists with disabilities use to choose where to go. Thinking, about results. We can take the automobile market as an, example. As it is a segment that bets on people with disabilities as consumers. To give you an idea. In 2019 car sales in general had a drop.

But in special sales for people with disabilities

They grew. Some claim Nepal Phone Number List that the growth is due to the exemptions that this segment is entitled to. But the list of best-selling cars averages r$60.000. Which is not little. And serves as a thermometer to see the financial potential of this audience. Now speaking of return to the, tourism market. Places that, do a correct job. Thinking about the physical structure. The correct equipment. Adequate service and a good marketing job. All report an increase in public and financial return. The owner of one of the reference hotels in accessibility in brazil. Reports that in 2015. He received more than 4 thousand people with disabilities and the occupancy level went from 60% to about 90%. For professional results. Hire the specialized consultancy of ricardo shimosakai.

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Ricardo shimosakai and three other people sitting in a wheelchair. Inside a road bus i always emphasize my USA CFO concept functional accessibility . Following rules and complying with, the requirements of legislation does not guarantee accessibility. As many instructions are theoretical and without practical evidence. The result of this is that there are accessibilities that do not work. Or only work for a part of the public. I recently stayed at a hotel. And asked for a, shower chair. As it is the hotel’s obligation to provide, this equipment when requested. They are called technical aids. And include other accessories such as a lighted bell for the deaf and a braille menu for the blind. But the hotel only had a tilting stool. Which is attached to the shower wall. The shower chair is similar to a wheelchair with a toilet seat.

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