Accessible qr code. Appropriate technology paves the way for accessibility.







Accessible qr code. Appropriate technology paves the way for accessibility.

Accessible qr code. The qr code. An acronym for quick response. Which means quick response in portuguese. Was invented by the japanese company denso-wave in 1994. With the objective of serving the japanese automobile industry. Allowing. Through this code. To catalog in a faster parts on the production line. The qr code started to become popular when cell phones started to have cameras. And with them it was possible to access it. The qr code has a square and two-dimensional format. And even damaged it can be read. Due to data storage for error correction. Apps were created so that anyone can create a qr code. And they usually put a website address on it. Now it is already found in many places. Such as paintings and pieces in museums. To pass on more information about the work.

This digital menu option is a solution that

Television programs that display Philippines Phone Number List the qr code on the screen. So that the viewer can access a sponsor’s website. Or anywhere or situation that wants to pass on additional information. Because the internet is a wide place. Easy to build and cheap. In order to pass on more information. Some places such as museums that have exhibitions with accessibility features. Such as audio description and libras. Offer this material accessed by qr code. Each with its own. The pandemic helped to further popularize the qr code in restaurants. As printed menus were not a good option as it could transmit the virus by touching too many people on the menu. So the best option was to adopt digital menus. Which were accessed by the person’s own cell phone. Informed by the qr code on plaques at each table.

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Thinking about the accessibility proposal

Because in a digital environment. Well structured with digital accessibility parameters . A blind person would be USA CFO able to easily access the menu through the screen that is already installed on cell phones. It would make it a lot easier. As many blind people don’t know or have no practice with braille. In addition. A menu in braille has a high cost. Needs care for conservation and does not allow alterations. On a digital menu. It is also possible to put photos of the dishes. Which facilitates understanding and choice. Helps those who are not literate in portuguese. Such as deaf people who still only understand libras or foreigners. So the qr code is a great option. But for the accessibility function. You need to be careful.

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