Accessible and inclusive ecotourism from the perspective of a disabled tourism specialist.







Accessible and inclusive ecotourism from the perspective of a disabled tourism specialist.

Therefore, Accessible and inclusive ecotourism. This text was written by journalist elsa villon for instituto paradigma. Therefore, And published in june 2022. Environmental education day. Celebrated on june 3. For many people. Can be an opportunity to connect with nature in some special destination. But for people with disabilities this can be an impediment considering accessibility issues. With this in mind. Tourism specialist and entrepreneur ricardo shimosakai created. In 2010. Turismo adaptado. A company focused on leisure and tourism with inclusive destinations for people with disabilities. Just before the pandemic. He decided to expand his business and also started to work with consultancies and lectures on accessibility and inclusion.

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Therefore, Which i share through Hong Kong Phone Number List consulting. Lectures. Courses. Classes and training”. She says. The history with leisure and tourism began in 2001. When ricardo became paraplegic. During his rehabilitation. He realized that tours and travel were his greatest pleasures: “it was one thing for me. Without thinking about business or any kind of help for other people. But it ended up interesting some friends. Who wanted to know how i traveled . And that’s when i saw that it wasn’t just my wish”. People became more and more interested in the subject. And this made ricardo decide to study tourism and work with a focus on the inclusion of people with disabilities. “tourism is something very complex and involves a lot of things.

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Therefore, What about the restaurant. Transport and everything else? You must be able to leave your house and return with as USA CFO much accessibility as possible”. Points out the businessman. New ways to travel after finishing college. Ricardo decided to start working with tourism in his spare time. Until 2010. When he dropped everything and went to live only on tourism. For him. The market opportunity is valid. Considering that everything related to people with disabilities is an expanding market. However. One of the main problems in the sector is the lack of information about accessible destinations in brazil. According to him. Many people travel to international destinations because of the emphasis on accessibility. “there is almost no information about it. Even with the volume of offers.

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