Accessible and inclusive. The largest operator in brazil in the quest for sustainability.







Accessible and inclusive. The largest operator in brazil in the quest for sustainability.

Accessible and inclusive cvc. Cvc is the largest tour operator in brazil and one of the largest in the world. Present throughout the country and its operation is huge. So any change it makes has a great impact on tourism and even on society as a whole. Known for its travel style. Which aims to take a large number of people to the lowest market prices. This way of thinking already has an edge of inclusion. But to be truly inclusive. More was needed. I’ve had unpleasant experiences in the past. Which even resulted in a lawsuit. Which i ended up winning . But the intention was never to make money on top of that. Because i earned very little. But i wanted to get the company’s attention. He always insisted that the cvc should give more value to accessibility and inclusion.

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It would not even be a choice. But an Cambodia Phone Number List obligation. I never got any attention from the company. Except for particular people inside the company. Who agreed with my way of thinking. And would help me make a change. Roberto vertemati was one of those people. Who even when i worked at beto carrero world. Was the bridge for me to provide an accessibility consultancy for the park . Another important person is priscila bures. Whom i met as the press office manager. But who is now the executive sustainability manager. And was always attuned to the importance of accessible tourism. A highlight also for decca bolonha. Owner of potiguar turismo. One of the only receptive in brazil to have road buses accessible by platform.

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With adequate furniture and trained staff

The opportunity came when leonel andrade became the ceo of cvc. With new perspectives and valuing inclusion. And USA CFO better than that. Taking initiatives to obtain results in this field. Cvc is in a major process of change. Which can be seen in the change of its look. And they will gradually implement their new logo in materials and agencies. But the most important thing is the change of mentality. Where they started to take actions so that the company is sustainable and diverse. Concepts where accessibility and inclusion are present. An accessible and inclusive store was launched. Where the first unit is in shopping cidade de são paulo. And had my accessibility consultancy. And other professionals. The place has a sign language service system for the deaf.

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