Accessible and inclusive carnival. The biggest and most traditional popular event in brazil.







Accessible and inclusive carnival. The biggest and most traditional popular event in brazil.

To read the same article in spanish. Click on accessible and inclusive carnival. The largest and most traditional popular event in brazil. This is the portuguese version of the article written by ricardo shimosakai and, mylena rodrigres . Originally for issue #11 of revista iberoamericana de turismo inclusivo . . It is maintained with the collaboration of the members of the iberoamerican institute of inclusive, tourism of which both are members. Carnival is the biggest brazilian popular festival. This party started with the portuguese colonization. With a game called entrudo where people go out to the streets, dirtying, each other with mud. A party of a violent character. Which was forbidden. But with it came other parties in the 20th century. Such as cordões. Ballroom parties and samba schools. The samba.

Also became part of this cultural tradition

Without a doubt. Carnival is Norway Phone Number List one of the most awaited parties of the year. Not only for brazilians. But for people, from all over the world who want to know the party. In this sense. It is a party that has a lot of government support. As it moves the country’s economy and increases visibility in relation to tourism and major events. Some of the most famous carnivals are, rio de janeiro. São paulo. Salvador. Recife. Among others. Here we are going to talk specifically about carnival in the city of são paulo. Presenting how the issue of accessibility is so that people with disabilities can also enjoy the party.

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The first investments by the government to

And since then. It has USA CFO only increased. In recent years. The structure has been improving. And people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Such as the elderly and obese people. Have also been considered. In transport. It is recommended that people do not go to the sambadrome in, their vehicles. So there are public transports leaving from various strategic points to the place where the samba school parades take place. For people with disabilities. There is “atende+”. Which is a mode of transport. With vans adapted, with platforms. Which serve people with autism. Deafblindness or physical, disabilities and reduced mobility. This is already a service regulated by law offered by the city ha.

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