Accessibility on the monorail. Public transport should be everyone’s option.







Accessibility on the monorail. Public transport should be everyone’s option.

Accessibility on the monorail. Line 15–silver of the são paulo metro is a monorail line. The sixth line of the são paulo metro to come into operation. When fully ready. It will be 26.6 km long and have 18 stations. Connecting the districts of ipiranga and cidade tiradentes. The first stretch. Between vila prudente and oratório stations. Was opened on august 30. 2014. I consider the metro to be the best type of public transport . As it is not influenced by traffic. At least by the equipment. Although depending on the time. There is a large crowd of people. And the equipment often fails. Causing delays. But this can happen in other types of transport as well. A great advantage of the structure of the wagons is that it can accommodate several people with disabilities. Especially those who use a wheelchair.

There is only space for one wheelchair

So it is not possible to take a tour of South Korea Phone Number List two wheelchair users or more. In addition. When the bus is full. This single space is not respected. And you are unable to enter the vehicle. I place a special emphasis on the são paulo metro. Which i consider the best i have ever seen. And i have visited subways in several cities considered evolved. Such as new york. Madrid. Rome. Lisbon. Paris. Among others. The metro went through a process of adaptation for accessibility. And gradually it was implementing accessibility in the stations. Until all of them are now accessible. And all the new ones will come with accessibility. The monorail. As it is better known. Is also part of the metro. But it has some characteristics that are different from the other lines.

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Because in another season it will be different

The most obvious difference is that it is a suspended line. With rails at the top. Unlike the others that are underground. I think this USA CFO is much better. Because that way you can see the city through the windows. Which can practically be a walk. Whenever i travel. I prefer to take transport so that i can go looking around the city. To get to know it better. A major problem with rail transport is the difference in height and distance of the wagon in relation to the boarding platform. This problem has already been explained to me by technicians. And i don’t know how to put a technical explanation here. But this space is variable. It is not uniform in all seasons. That’s why it’s no use leveling the height.

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