Accessibility of abstract sculptures. How to make art be seen with the ears and hands.







Accessibility of abstract sculptures. How to make art be seen with the ears and hands.

Accessibility of abstract sculptures. Have you ever wondered how a visually impaired person can appreciate abstract sculptures ? Sculptures are generally untouchable for conservation reasons. And depicting an abstract shape. Which may look like nothing. Or look like many things. Can be quite complicated to explain and understand. Audio description is a great resource for giving shape. Especially for things that don’t have a three-dimensional format. Such as paintings. Or for things that have shape. But you can’t touch them. Such as the setting of a play theater or a sculpture. It is relatively easy to describe a simple house. After all most of you have had the opportunity to see or hear a description of a house. So we have a reference. But when what you want to describe has an abstract form.

Suggesting two accessibility options

Which is neither concrete nor Afghanistan Phone Number List real or true as the dictionary says. The task becomes more difficult. Because it can be something so different that it is difficult to find references. Or it takes many references and hence the description can be confusing. See the cover photo of this article. Try to describe it to someone else. Without showing the image. And when you are done. Show the photo and ask if what they imagined was similar to the real sculpture. If you watch the video below. You’ll see that i tried to describe it. But i think it got confusing. And i had a hard time finding the best way to explain it. A great resource that can be used is the tactile mockup. In the case of this sculpture. Making a faithful reproduction on a smaller scale. Understanding through touch will be much better.

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Varnished and cylindrical in shape

It will be possible to understand all the curves. Volumes and intertwinings that the sculpture has. And giving a reference USA CFO measure. Such as height. For example. The person who is touching the model will be able to zoom in on their own brain and understand the proportions of this art. Another item that. If used. Can enrich this experience even more. Is to use the same material as the work. Some models are made in resin or 3d printers. Which makes their production much easier. But let’s face it. The material information is also important. So. If it is difficult to produce the model in the same material. Then an alternative is to have a sample of the material. A piece of the same wood. With the same type of treatment. In the case of the work that we are using as a reference.

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