Accessibility in communication at events for people with visual and hearing impairments.







Accessibility in communication at events for people with visual and hearing impairments.

People with disabilities are increasingly present in society. Demanding their rights and showing themselves as consumers and participants in various movements. And for people to be included in society. The need for accessibility is more apparent to everyone and everywhere. Events are activities in which the feeling of belonging is very strong. As long as it is open and suitable to receive everyone. The events need to have infrastructure so that people with physical disabilities or reduced mobility can circulate without great difficulties or efforts. But there are other important items in the organization of an event. More aimed at people with visual and hearing impairments. Which are often neglected. For these two types of disabilities. Accessibility is very much related to information and communication. Many think that braille is enough for the blind and libras for the deaf.

From the presentations of lectures or theater

That everything is resolved. But it is Iran Phone Number List not quite so. In several lectures i’ve given. Sometimes they put interpreters of libras. The brazilian sign language. And the problem starts there. Because it’s only a few times. And when they do. It’s usually just for the accessibility talks. So the deaf viewer doesn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the event as a whole. Once. A deaf friend came to watch my lecture. Which luckily there was a libras interpreter. But at the end. When she came to greet me. She said that she had not understood anything by the interpreter of the event. As she was probably an inexperienced apprentice. Colleagues interpreters say that this is common. As apprentices charge less for the work. And events do not pay attention to the quality of the professional.

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This technique is mainly necessary when there

In this case. Luckily my friend was accompanied by a hearing colleague who knew libras. In large events. I have USA CFO already seen stenotypy resources . Which is the production of live subtitles. And it helps a lot to literate deaf people who can read. And even to listeners. When the sound is not very good or the speaker speaks in a hard to understand. You must know about closed caption. Which are subtitles in recorded movies or programs. Where the subtitles are inserted later. But when you are at a live event. A lecture or a play. For example. The subtitles need to appear immediately. And for this to be done quickly. There is a professional who uses the stenotype. A kind of typewriter with fewer keys. Similar to the stenographer. And taking advantage of the cue of live events.

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