Accessibility in the water. Floating equipment options.







Accessibility in the water. Floating equipment options.

Enjoying water is one, of the great difficulties for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. It can be in the pool. Lake. River or on the beach . The sea needs special attention. As it has waves and currents. In the river too. Because depending on the strength of the, current. It can be dangerous. So it is advisable to do this type of activity only through specialized companies with adequate equipment and safety standards. On beaches. The best-known resource for accessibility is amphibious chairs . Which are often, part of local projects. In addition to floating on water. The amphibious chair also helps you get around on sand . The problem is that they are large and expensive. And, accessible beach projects only work at specific locations. Days and times. But with the necessary care. It is possible to do this independently .

The most practical and cheapest way are floating accessories

They are usually cheaper, and Unit Phone Number List more compact. So you can have one of your own and take it wherever you want. Some models use solid materials. But they float on water. And others have an inflatable system that. After being inflated. Also floats. The shape and size of the models, interfere with the issue of comfort and safety. So you need to better see the one that best suits your needs. Generally. The larger the equipment. The greater the balance in the water. There are models for sitting and others for lying down. This, is a montage made with floats popularly known as spaghetti or pasta. By placing strips of cloth. You assemble a kind of chair. Depending on the person’s, weight. You may need to use two or more rolls of spaghetti.

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Two inflatable tubes joined by a canvas or canvas

You are lying down. But it takes a certain balance not to turn over. Circular inflatable float with a USA CFO hole, in the middle. Similar to an inner tube for a truck tire. But it is a specific equipment for water. It also has a support for the back. It is also used to go down rivers. Inflatable float in an oval shape. To keep your legs straight and with support for your, back. Provides greater stability and comfort. Model with a kind of beach chair. With two side floats. In the armrest position. It has a cup support and the inclination, of the backrest is adjustable. Being able to be seated or lying down. Inflatable float. In larger size. Can hold two or more people. It can be ideal for those people who need escorts. Also.

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