Accessibility in brazilian tourism for people with disabilities.







Accessibility in brazilian tourism for people with disabilities.

Accessibility in brazilian tourism.brazilian tourism. Although amateur in some aspects. Needs to seek continuous social responsibility. Did you know that the right to include people with disabilities in tourist activities is provided for in the person with disabilities statute? According to art 8 of law no. 13.146 of july 6. 2015 (brasil. 2018). It is the duty of the state. Society and the family to ensure to the person with disabilities. With priority. Culture. Sport. Tourism. Leisure. Among others arising from the federal constitution. The convention on the rights of persons with disabilities that guarantee their personal. Social and economic well-being. Today. According to data from the brazilian institute of geography and statistics ( ibge ). 6.2% of the brazilian population has some type of disability or disability.

There is a lack of initiatives aimed at this

Over the years pwd’s have Israel Phone Number List been gaining visibility through activist initiatives and struggles. But there is still much to be done. In tourism. There are programs aimed at the inclusion and safety of this social group. So that we can bring an introduction to the topic of accessibility in brazilian tourism. We have brought one of the best references for approaching this subject in brazil. Specialist ricardo shimosakai ricardo shimosakai works with leisure and tourism focused on people with disabilities and reduced mobility. His career in this area started from an incident after returning from a trip to japan for work.

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Esulting in a spinal USA CFO cord injury that took away the movement of his legs. He reports that his acceptance process began while still in the hospital during his recovery. As it was where he realized that he would not let this happen negatively affect his life and his tastes. Ricardo then became attached to his passion for sports and travel and decided from there to continue living his life as before. Over time. He became aware of the difficulties that made accessible practices in tourist destinations impossible. And he noticed that his colleagues suffered from the same adversities as him. Since then ricardo has dedicated himself to improving his technical knowledge in the area of tourism through the anhembi morumbi course.

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