Accessibility guide for teachers. Strategies aimed at diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.







Accessibility guide for teachers. Strategies aimed at diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Accessibility guide for teachers. Accessibility and inclusion are fundamental values for teaching. But education is a complex that involves several factors and people. In addition to accessibility in the structure of the school or university . Of assistive technology to support quality teaching. Another very important piece in this puzzle is the teacher. Who is the part where teaching is actually applied. Many teachers were not prepared to teach people with disabilities. In the past. The student was refused and forced to look for special schools. But now that has changed. And all schools are required to receive any type of student. And in this way teachers must also prepare themselves. As this is no longer a choice. The accessibility guide – guidelines for teachers of the federal rural university of pernambuco (ufrpe).

Provides brief guidelines on inclusive attitudes

But the matter is deeper. And Luxembourg Phone Number List deserves a more detailed study. For this. The accessibility and inclusion online course provides more complete foundations and a complete understanding of the person with a disability. In addition to several values that complement the understanding of real accessibility and inclusion. In 2013. The federal rural university of pernambuco (ufrpe) established the accessibility center (naces) . With a view to aligning institutional guidelines to an inclusive perspective. In this sense. The implementation of naces has as its main objective to promote actions that aim to eliminate or minimize physical.

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Pedagogical and communicational barriers.

Which restrict the participation USA CFO and academic. Social and professional development of people with disabilities. Among the actions develop by naces are the pedagogical guidelines aimed at orienting on the necessary adaptations for heterogeneous practices that allow the inclusion of people with disabilities. The term inclusion began to be effectively discussafter the salamanca declaration. A document that defines the principles. Policy and practice of education for people with disabilities and affirms the immediate consolidation of educational actions. Capable of recognizing diversity and meeting any ne. Be the needs (brasil. 1998). An inclusive institution provides equal opportunities for everyone. With different strategies for each one. So that everyone can develop their potential.

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