Accessibility for sliding doors. Be careful when choosing the right model for the right location.







Accessibility for sliding doors. Be careful when choosing the right model for the right location.

Accessibility for sliding doors. Sliding doors can be a great option to solve problems of lack of space. It is also an option for accessibility. But it is necessary to pay attention to some characteristics of the model that will be chosen. As there are significant differences between the models available. Some sliding doors are quite difficult to open. But the cause of this may not be in a single factor. But in the set of factors characteristic of the model. The material the door is made of directly influences its weight. Which in turn will influence the opening. A heavy door can be easy to open. As long as all the other components are good and make it easy. Otherwise the weight can add to the difficulty of the equipment. From what i’ve observed on several models.

The type of rail is the most important part

Those rails that are on the ground. By Benin Phone Number List themselves. Can already represent an obstacle. Functioning as a ditch in the passage through the door. The weight of the door rests on lower casters that fit into these rails. Which if they don’t have a good glide. In addition to producing an annoying noise. They won’t have the ease that accessibility demands. There are other models in which the door is suspended. Hanging on castors at the top. Which in turn are fitted on a rail above the door. Overall these seem to be better. But of course this cannot be a general impression. It is always advisable to test the specific model to assess its ease of use. In the video below. Where i show one of the rooms at sesc bertioga . Although i am showing a negative situation.

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As well as conversations with other people

There are very good situations. Due to the correct choice and installation of the equipment. I’ve tested great equipment myself. And USA CFO there are examples of people who are passionate about this equipment. Such as a colleague in a wheelchair who installed sliding doors throughout the house. In the case of the room at sesc. There was no need regarding space. Which would force us to choose this type of door model. It may look like the same thing. Only in different positions. Because whether on the top or bottom. Both models have castors and rails. I don’t know how to give a theoretical explanation. Based on physics or engineering. But i have experience based on facts.

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