Accessibility at fairs and exhibitions How to organize an affordable and inclusive event.







Accessibility at fairs and exhibitions How to organize an affordable and inclusive event.

Accessibility at fairs and exhibitions. People with disabilities. Directly or indirectly. Are a very large consumer public and that. If well attend. Can bring a considerable return to companies that invest in this public. I always cite the automobile market as an example. As they have come to respect and seek to treat people with disabilities properly. As a customer deserves. Car dealerships adapted their stores. Placing access ramps and elevators. Adapt bathrooms. Creat special programs to deal with the purchase with exemption. With employees specializ in the subject. Automakers. Or car manufacturers. Have become the biggest advertisers in magazines aimed at the disabled public. Are the biggest exhibitors at fairs and accessibility events for this audience. In addition to investing in media materials such as television commercials. On social networks. And all the ways to reach this audience with your advertisements.

Thinking about how the visitor will arrive

in addition. Driving UK Phone Number List began to adapt their cars to obtain a driver’s license for people with disabilities. Dispatchers specializ in the tax exemption process for the purchase of a zero kilometer car. And vehicular adaptation companies also gain their space. All of this reflects on a large market. Where companies invest correctly. And as a consequence. There is a huge return from an audience that many think is passive or without purchasing power. To serve the public with disabilities. Accessibility nes to be present everywhere at the fair or exhibition. I will put the mobility & show . Which in 2022 was held at estádio do pacaembu. As a reference for writing this article.  Several adapt cars were plac as a transport service from nearby metro stations. And parking lots were organiz. Prioritizing cars with disabl people parking near the entrance.

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To enter the event a service desk for

There. too. it is possible to ask for the help service. where volunteers were trained to lead visitors with physical and USA CFO visual disabilities. in addition to train attendants in Brazilian Sign Language. There were also motoriz chairs for those who want more comfort and independence to roam the wide space for a long time. All forms of architectural barriers ne to be eliminat. so right at the entrance. there was a grid with wide openings. Therefore, where the wheel of the wheelchair could enter and cause an accident. Therefore, so to avoid this. metal sheets were plac to cover this part. And as the cover part of the structure was elevated. there was a wide ramp with attendants in case anyone ne assistance.

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