Accessibility at the square party. Consideration and planning are the keys to success.







Accessibility at the square party. Consideration and planning are the keys to success.

Accessibility at the square party. Many events are held in public places such as city squares. The advantage is that the cost decreases. Because when events are held in spaces suitable for events. Such as exhibition centers. There is a cost for leasing the space. But a square does not have the normal infrastructure to receive a large number of people in addition to tents. And stages. The torresmo festival . Held at praça barão de japurá in são paulo. Sought to organize the space for the event to be held. But some failures related to accessibility occurred. The square isn’t flat. It’s between two sloping streets. But that’s nobody’s fault. It’s just a feature i’m pointing out. But at the event. With tents. Tables and chairs. In addition to an uneven floor. Moving around was a big challenge.

Which have sufficient width and a path

But one flaw that could have been Singapore Phone Number List avoided was the pedestrian access. In the square. One of the main access points. It is done through a staircase and a wide ramp. In addition to two small ramps more in the corners. However. The event organizers set up an inflatable playground structure and placed an ambulance right in the way of the wider ramp and one of the alternative ramps. In other words. The access that remained was narrow and difficult to see. I myself had difficulty finding it. But the park is big. And there was enough space to put this children’s play area somewhere else. Without taking away the main accessible entrance. Which was quite wide and visible.

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The problem is that accessibility was not

This is also clear in the positioning of the chemical toilet. Mandatory in events of this type. Where the accessible chemical USA CFO toilet must also be present. However. To access it. It was necessary to go through walls and difficult paths. Just like in a building. Accessibility when it is thought of in the plan. It is much easier to execute it. So for this case of the event. Where you already have a structure and need to adapt to it. The ideal is to prioritize accessibility issues. So think about the best access points such as ramps. What is the best place to position the chemical toilet. And then put the rest of the event. Such as tents. Stages. Tables and chairs . The tents and stages. As they will be fixed structures. It is also necessary to take into account the spaces to transit between them.

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