Accessibility and inclusion in sport. Working the physical and psychological for everyone.







Accessibility and inclusion in sport. Working the physical and psychological for everyone.

Accessibility and inclusion in sport. I consider sport as one of the most powerful alternatives to inclusion. At the end of my physiotherapy period in 2001 at the aacd . I started to train adapted table tennis. In the rehabilitation center itself. First. Physical activity is great for anyone. For me. It would be a continuation of physiotherapy. As i still needed to gain more strength and balance. Exercising my arms and trunk. Because after the injury. They would be more used to do practically everything. There were other people with disabilities there for a longer time. More experienced. Including those with spinal cord injury. The same disability as me. This helped me a lot.

Then you start participating in championships

Therefore, Some of them in other cities. Where Belize Phone Number List you need to travel. So getting out of your comfort zone ends up being quite liberating. Practicing a sport ends up conditioning you to an athlete’s line of thinking. Which can help in all other areas of your life. The athlete always wants to achieve victory. And for that he trains and tries to give his best. He thinks about strategies. Tries to correct mistakes and even learns to lose. But recover later. He knows it’s important to always train and depending on the sport. He learns to work as a team. Or to conquer his victories alone. All that i’ve described can be applied in our lives. Even outside of sport.

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Having an athlete’s mindset for my personal

Therefore, That’s why i usually say that sport serves as a huge physical and psychological enhancer. The importance of adapted USA CFO sport is recognized around the world. So it is widely practiced. There are several types of championships in different types of modality. From regional. National. World competitions and the parapan americans and paralympics. Brazil has participated in the paralympics since 1972. Therefore, At the heidelberg paralympic games in germany. And since then has won more medals and better overall placement than the brazilian delegation at the olympic games. There are currently 24 different modalities in the paralympics.

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