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Awkward Than Silence During A Technical

Additionally the SEO team will identify large topics, underperforming topics, and old but high-performing topics. 2. Conduct keyword research and run a content gap analysis. After the initial brainstorm, it’s time to do your keyword research and content gap analysis. Kopen explains, “Once we have a potential pain point in mind, we use SEO best practices — like conducting keyword research and running content gap analyses — to see exactly what people want to learn about (how often should I post on LinkeIn), and we start writing from there.” During this part of the process, our SEO team will gather domains with similar audiences and conduct a content gap analysis (find out what these sites are ranking for that HubSpot isn’t). We’ll also look at relate.

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Searches on Google to see what people are searching for. Then, we’ll identify opportunities where we can update old blog posts or recycle the URL (so we don’t lose the SEO juice, but have update content for that topic). 3. See if there are any linking opportunities. Finally, the SEO team will also communicate with HubSpot’s product and academy Ivory Coast Phone Number List teams to see if there are linking opportunities such as any courses or products of ours we should be linking to. Creating Traffic-Generating Ideas And that’s how the HubSpot blog comes up with high-performing blog post ideas consistently.

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To learn more about non-organic and referral-generating content, check out this post. Or discover how SEO works for the HubSpot Blog with our Insights Report course on HubSpot Academy. Whether or not you enjoy public speaking, I’d bet you USA CFO don’t like hopping on stage without preparing for a speech or keynote address. how to write a webinar script Running through slides, practicing in front of a mirror, or pre-writing a script — whatever type of preparation you prefer, it’s key to calming nerves and delivering an engaging, valuable presentation. The same goes for a webinar. You and your panelists may be at home and behind a screen, but that doesn’t mean webinars are any less important to prepare for (or that they can be any less nerve-wracking.

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