A Good Logo Must Be Functional Not Just Beautiful







A Good Logo Must Be Functional Not Just Beautiful

The logo is something that everyone is quite familiar with and see each other on a regular basis. But surprisingly from the observati It was That most people ten to keep the logo’s measurements low because of its small size. And I thought that a small logo would be easy to do. It doesn’t take long and it’s cheap, which actually isn’t always the case. Therefore, if asked what is the cheapness or expensiveness of the logo measured by? The answer is that the brand owner will pay more attention to the logo. In, if the brand owner does not see the importance of the logo, they will not be able to know what the function of the logo is. If comparing a company logo to a human being The logo is like a human face.

To Make People Remember

To make people remember for example Yamato company logo is a black cat holding a baby. people often remember the logo of a black cat holding a child but can’t remember Turkey Phone Number List the name of the company The logo depicting a black cat holding a baby on a yellow background means It is a symbol for companies that do business with safe and careful transportation. Picture from kuronekoyamato to be meaningful. The logo must present the identity of the brand. Such as the Red Bull brand. In the past it was called Red Bull, but when it became famous around the world, then it was changed to Red Bull, with this brand’s logo depicting two bulls facing each other.

To Be Meaningful

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The Star Alliance brand is a brand that refers to the integration of airlines. Just the name can feel the splendor. not only that The logo also makes it look elegant. It is designed USA CFO in the shape of a star and the colors used are gray, dark gray, and light gray that make it look dimensional. but also simple Images from Star Alliance Twitter. One noticeable aspect of the Redbull and Star Alliance logos is that the Red Bull is an old logo with lots of detail. But nowadays, the logo has changed to a minimalist style. There is a reduction in the details, while the Star Alliance is bringing the stars to reduce the details. which, if looking at the overall picture, can still guess that it is a star shape Next is CROCS, a brand that produces rubber shoes.

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